Monique Christine Daniels

Left and Center: Monique circa, 1992

Right: Age Progressed to age 41

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: June 2, 1992

Missing From: Moore, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Classification: Endangered Missing

Date Of Birth: June 16, 1976

Age: 15 years old

Height and Weight: 5’4″ and 125 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian Female, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Monique has a distinctive scar which is shaped like a half moon on the outside of her left ankle, a 3-inch scar on her right shin, she has a mole on the upper left side of her lip, her upper left incisor tooth is chipped, Monique was known to occasionally wear blue wire framed glasses, she might use the nickname “Nicki”

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A men’s large green military-type light jacket and she was last known to be wearing a men’s diamond ring which was taped so it wouldn’t fall off her finger

NCMEC Number: 787775

Details of Disappearance

Monique disappeared from Moore, Oklahoma on June 2nd 1992. A neighbor reportedly saw her loading cloths into a blue Chevrolet pickup truck. The vehicle was being driven by an unidentified white male at the time. She was never seen or heard from again after this.

Monique was somewhat troubled at the time of her disappearance. Her mother and stepfather, Charles and Candyce Daniels, were in the military at the time of her disappearance. Charles or more commonly known as “Chuck” was a sergeant in the Air Force at the time. Her sister, Angelique, recounted how strict their household was.

The strict environment was not a good fit for Monique. She frequently fought with her stepfather and got into trouble. Prior to her disappearance, Monique became pregnant and her two parents were very unhappy that this occurred. They forced her to get an abortion. She ran away from home soon afterwards.

Monique’s parents looked for her everyday and some people they knew would call and said they had seen her and tried to chase her down. Her best friend at the time knew she was staying at another friends home. She and another guy called her and convinced her to come back home.

Tensions apparently arose in the home after Monique’s return from running away and the bitter fighting between her and Charles increased. Shortly before Monique went missing, her mother, Angelique, and her oldest brother Brian got the opportunity to travel with their churches choir group for a week.

Angelique said when they returned to the home, the house was in disarray. There were beer bottles all over the place and there were cigarette butts all over the fire place mantle. In the bathroom, a empty pregnancy test box was found in the corner of the room. This was odd since the house was usually very clean and tidied up on a daily basis.

Monique was nowhere in the home. Charles said she ran away from the home again. Her parents didn’t seem very concerned about where she was or what happened. Angelique recalls that they started erasing any trace of Monique’s existence from the home shortly after her disappearance. A few months passed before Monique’s siblings were forbidden from ever speaking about her again.

Her parents never reported her missing when she first disappeared. Her aunt, Leslie, became extremely concerned about her niece and even attempted to get additional resources to help locate Monique but her mother wouldn’t provide her with anything to help. For instance, Leslie called her and asked for the police report number so she could have Monique put into the database for The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children but she never provided it.

Her aunt called the police to do an investigation about 6 months after Monique went missing and they contacted Candyce. Apparently around the time this occurred, Candyce claimed that Angelique received a phone call from Monique.

Monique allegedly also sent a letter a week after the call. Monique said she had a baby named “Chelsea” and was married. According to the letter, Monique, Chelsea, and her husband would travel all around the country due to his job. They were currently in Alaska. Another letter came in soon afterwards. Her extended relatives which included Leslie were very suspicious of the letters. The letters were postmarked from Dallas, Texas which was over 200 miles away.

Leslie wanted a handwriting specialist to check the authenticity of the letters. She felt Monique’s mother might have written them to mislead what truly happened to Monique. A day before the letters were supposed to be taken into the Police Department, the Daniels reported that their house had been burglarized and that the letters and some other personal belongings had been stolen.

Angelique then confessed that she actually wrote the letters and faked the phone call. She said Charles told her that Candyce became suicidal due to Monique’s absence and that writing the letters would give her a sense of peace and reassurance. She said he drove her to Texas so the letters could be properly postmarked. He also said she could face jail time for doing this.

Angelique also said that she feared for life and felt that Charles would put her where he put Monique. She said she thought he might have sent her to a boarding school of some type or military school. He had threatened them with this prior to Monique’s disappearance.

After two years of lies and coverups in relation to her sisters disappearance, Angelique ran away from their home and to Michigan to live with her aunt. She said she cried the entire way there and told her aunt about the letters on the way. Her aunts reaction to this news caused Angelique to fear that something far more dark and worse happened to Monique.

Her fears were confirmed when she discovered that her parents filed a missing child’s report on her and attempted to have her extradited back to them in Oklahoma. This was a much different reaction since they never even bothered to report Monique missing.

Angelique also alleged that Candyce and Charles were physically and mentally abusive and their request for Angelique’s extradition was denied by the judge. They later pled no contest and neglect after she went to Child Protective Services and filed charges against them.

Monique was formally reported as a missing child after Angelique ran away in January of 1994. This was over 18 months after Monique went missing. Authorities questioned both Candyce and Charles regrading their suspicious behavior and the delay in reporting their daughter missing.

After all this suspicious activity arose, Angelique and Leslie went on television to discuss their suspicions regarding Monique’s case and once the Daniels found out about this, they moved to Germany for a decade. Charles got a formal request to move bases but Angelique feels this isn’t what occurred.

Angelique’s younger brother, Andrew, confirmed that abuse was present in the household at the time of Monique’s disappearance and that Angelique was telling the truth. He called her just before they moved to Germany and asked her to come get him. He apparently ran away after this but returned to his parents and joined the rest of his family to move.

Years later, Andrew dropped a bomb in Monique’s disappearance. He revealed what happened on the day of Monique’s disappearance. He stated that he heard Monique fighting with Charles which was not an unusual occurrence. Sometime passed before Charles gathered the boys up for a spontaneous fishing trip. Before they left, Charles said they needed to say goodbye to Monique.

The boys all went in a single file line towards her room. Andrew was in the front and said he could see Monique in her bedroom. He said they were only allowed to say goodbye to her through her door crack. He stated that Monique was sitting on her bedroom floor and was cross legged. He said she was not loving and didn’t speak.

The boys left the house without their fishing equipment and they noted that it was pouring rain. They drove for two hours and stopped at a McDonald’s restaurant before going back home. Charles apparently pulled the car into the garage and went inside the house. The boys were left in the car for an hour or longer until Charles came to get them.

Andrew says he really had to use the bathroom and went straight inside once he was let out of the car. He said that while he was in the bathroom, he had the eerie feeling he was not alone. He noticed that the shower was closed. Andrew said he believes Monique might have been in the bathtub but just as he was about to look inside, Charles rushed him out of the room.

He put the boys in his room and told them he was going out to look for Monique. He locked them in his bedroom for two days. He then took one of the twin brothers with him in his truck. He recalls that there was an oil barrel in the back of the truck.

This along with Andrews statements gives Angelique the feeling that Monique never ran off with the man in the blue truck. She believes that Charles killed Monique and then placed her body in the oil barrel and buried it somewhere unknown. Investigators even dug up the backyard of her former home to see if her remains were buried there but nothing was found.

It’s been noted that one of Monique’s brothers told a different story about the last time they saw her. The brother, Charlie Jr., said that he was able to go inside Monique’s room and give her a hug goodbye. He said she was laying in her bed and she said she was sorry she couldn’t go with them since she was sick.

Charles and Candyce have both been uncooperative in the investigation and refuse to talk to police about Monique. They haven’t been named as suspects in Monique’s case. They have gone as far as claiming Angelique and Andrew are unreliable witnesses and have struggled with substance abuse and mental issues. They both deny this.

Angelique has vowed to continue looking for her long lost sister and to keep her name alive. At the time of her disappearance, Monique was described as the type of person to put others before herself and had big plans of becoming a doctor once she graduated high school. She was previously abused physically and sexually by her biological father who is in prison for sex charges.

Various agencies classify Monique as an endangered runaway. Investigators aren’t calling her case a homicide and are investigating it as a simple missing persons case. Monique’s disappearance remains unsolved and foul play is highly possible.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Moore Police Department 405-793-5151

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation 405-848-6724

Source Information

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