Recovered Missing Children

The Recovered page features cases where the child has been recovered alive or deceased. The children on this page were once featured as missing on this website and since they are no longer missing will be put on this page to show they were recovered and serve as a memorial for them if they were located as deceased.

Alexis Miranda Badger

Left and Right: Alexis circa, 1989

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: March 11, 1989

Missing From: Hamilton, Allegan County, Michigan

Classification: Endangered Missing

Date Of Birth: June 23, 1974

Age: 14 years old

Recovered: February 4, 2020

Identified: March 11, 2020

Details of Disappearance 

Alexis Badger was last seen in Hamilton, Michigan on March 11th 1989. At that time, she had the adoptive name of Aundria Michelle Bowman and was believed to have left on her own accord. For many years, her disappearance was classified as an endangered runaway until investigators started to suspect that foul play was involved.

Her adoptive father, Dennis Bowman, was the one who reported her as a runaway but his stories about her disappearance were inconsistent. In January of 2019, Dennis confessed to killing Alexis in March of 1989. He is currently awaiting trial for the 1980 murder of Kathleen Doyle in Virginia. On February 4th 2020, Investigators dug at Dennis’s residence and found Alexis’s remains buried under a cement slab in his backyard. She was identified on March 11th of the same year.

Alexis previously accused Bowman of inappropriately touching her before her disappearance. He was charged with open murder, felony murder, first degree child abuse, and mutilation of a corpse in relation to Aundria’s death in May of 2020. Her real mother, Cathy, never gave up hope of finding her and bringing her justice. She has been searching for her daughter for decades.

Mary Louise Day

Left and Center: Mary circa, 1981

Right: Mary circa, 2003

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: July 15, 1981

Missing From: Seaside, Monterey County, California

Classification: Endangered Missing

Date Of Birth: February 19, 1968

Age: 13 years old

Recovered: November 25, 2003

Identified: Spring or Summer of 2017

Details of Disappearance

Mary Day was last seen at some point in 1981; possibly in July. She disappeared from her home in Seaside, California and was never seen or heard from again. She wasn’t reported missing until 1994 when one of her sisters filed a complaint.

On November 25th 2003, a woman was stopped at a traffic stop and she identified herself as being Mary Louise Day. She even had a Arizona identity card showing her true identity. She was originally believed to be an imposter as investigators theorized she was actually murdered by her stepfather and mother. DNA tests revealed she was in fact a biological child of her biological parents.

Mary stated she ran away from her home to avoid being abused. She was abused by her stepfather prior to her disappearance and was actually beaten by him on the night she went missing. She claimed that she traveled city to city and worked small jobs to get money. She also changed her name to “Monica Devereux” to avoid being returned home.

In 2017, Mary died from last stage cancer. She had problems with alcoholism and this probably contributed to her health issues. In fact, she needed her real identity in 2003 to get state aid for a surgery to remove her gallbladder. Her sisters and step siblings are still alive. Her mother and stepfather live in Kansas currently.

Nicki Virginia Lee Elkins

Left and Right: Nicki circa, 1981

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: February 14, 1981

Missing From: Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida

Classification: Endangered Missing

Date Of Birth: May 27, 1964

Age: 16 years old

Recovered: March 9, 1981

Identified: September 29, 2020

Details of Disappearance

Nicki was last seen in Miami, Florida on February 14th 1981. She left the home of a family member following an argument. She left with a suitcase and never returned home. She wasn’t reported missing until April 16th 1981, over two months after her disappearance.

Nicki was allegedly murdered a few weeks after her disappearance. On March 9th 1981, the body of an unidentified female was discovered floating face down in a small canal in Moore Have, Florida. It appeared as though she had died the day prior to her discovery. Her remains were unrecognizable and an identification couldn’t be established initially.

Witnesses at the time of the discovery recalled seeing the then-unidentified Nicki at the Uncle Joes Fish Camp or the Trucadero Bar in a Clewiston, Florida at the time of her murder. Investigators became aware of Nicki’s missing persons case in 2020 and were able to establish her identity on September 29th 2020. Her remains will be returned to her mother. Her murder remains unsolved.

Wanda Ann Herr

Left and Right: Wanda circa, 1969 and Wanda circa 1964

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: June 1, 1976

Missing From: Gresham, Multnomah County, Oregon

Classification: Endangered Missing

Date Of Birth: circa, 1957

Age: 19 years old

Recovered: August 2, 1986

Identified: October of 2020

Details of Disappearance

Wanda Herr was last seen at a group home in Gresham, Oregon in June of 1976. That was the last known time she contacted her family and she was never heard from again afterwards. Wanda wasn’t reported as missing until over 40 years had passed in her disappearance and little is known about her life before her disappearance.

Investigators believe based off interviews that Herr was a chronic runaway and had done so several times before her final disappearance. There was no evidence of her existence after 1976. On August 2nd 1986, two Forest Service Workers found her remains near two roads off of Highway 26 in Government Camp, Oregon.

Only Wanda’s skull and a few other bones were found. It was unknown if the remains belonged to a young woman or a small male at the time of their discovery. It was initially estimated that the person died at some point between 1985 and 1986. In 2008, it was discovered that the remains belonged to a young woman who was between 17 and 30 years of age.

It was additionally found that the decedents remains were in the wooded area for approximately 10 years before being found which fit with the time frame in Wanda’s disappearance. It was announced in 2020 that the remains belonged to Wanda via DNA. It’s unclear how she died and the circumstances surrounding her death are unclear.