Kimberly Ann Amero

Left and Center: Kimberly circa, 1985

Right: Age Progressed to age 35

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: September 3, 1985

Missing From: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Classification: Endangered Missing

Date Of Birth: September 5, 1969

Age: 15 years old

Height and Weight: 5’6″ and 115 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian Female, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Kimberly has a few freckles that go across her nose and the top of her cheeks, she also has a mole beneath her navel and a small scar under her left eye, Kimberly’s ears are pierced and she has two holes in each ear, she is know to wear eyeglasses and her hair is said to be dark in color, she might use the alias names of “Kimberly Foster” or “Kimberly Cormier” and her nickname is “Kim”

NCMEC Number: RCMP0400101

Details of Disappearance

Kimberly was last seen in Saint John, New Brunswick on September 3rd 1985. She was reportedly last seen at the Atlantic National Exhibition for a fair that took place in the east end of Saint John. She was with her younger sister, Tammy Raynes, and two of their friends during the night. However, Tammy had to leave early due to a court ordered restriction. She would have to leave a few hours earlier than Kimberly. They both walked to the bus stop together so Tammy could return home and they both parted ways afterwards. Kimberly said she was going to stay and watch the fireworks.

Kimberly’s mother expected her to be home by 11:00 pm which was after the fireworks were to be over. But Kimberly never returned and was never seen again. Her mother became concerned when one of her friends came by the house looking for Kimberly. She contacted police station to report her daughter as missing. Her friends stated Kimberly left them at some point to run a quick errand and said she would be right back. She never came back, however. Police initially suspected Kimberly was a runaway and officially labeled her as such. She previously ran away a few times and most of the time she would be helped by Tammy when packing and such.

Kimberly would always tell at least one of her siblings where she planned to go when running away. She would also have a friend tell her siblings that she was okay. For example, Kimberly’s friend would call the Amero house and Tammy would answer depending on whether her mother was present or not, Kimberly would take the phone and say she’s okay or have her friends say it for her. She would also send someone to Tammy’s school and would reassure her that she was okay. Kimberly also always returned home whenever she ran off.

However, according to Tammy, Kimberly had a plan to runaway on or before her 16th birthday and she would be gone for good. She initially made a plan with one of her friends to run away but that friend later became pregnant so the plan backfired. Another friend came forward and told Tammy that she and Kimberly had a plan to run away for good on the night of the fireworks. The friend had a bag packed and they arraigned to meet at a bus stop. The friends said that Kimberly never showed up to the designated meeting place.

Her family was initially unconcerned by her absence since she was known to run off and also might’ve simply been hanging out with friends. Kimberly was said to be happy and in good spirits around the time of her disappearance and she was looking forward to her 16th birthday which was happening two days after her disappearance. She was also seen having a fun time on the night she disappeared. Her family didn’t believe she left on her own accord when she disappeared, especially when she didn’t return home for her birthday. According to those who knew the family, no one had heard from Kimberly since her disappearance.

The police were said to be negligent at first and didn’t do much of anything to search for Kimberly when she first went missing. When she was first reported missing, the police said to call them in a couple of days if Kimberly didn’t show up. She never returned home, however, and there’s no indication that she ran away. However, there were strange events to follow Kimberly’s vanishing that would almost make it seem like she did indeed run away. In one instance, Tammy received a phone call the day after Kimberly went missing. The person on the other end asked how all of Kimberly’s family members were doing except for her mother.

Tammy expected the call to be the usual welfare type phone call where Kimberly would confirm she’s okay and will return eventually. As the call continued, Kimberly’s mother walked into the room and asked who Tammy was speaking with. Tammy didn’t know who she was speaking with either so she asked but she got no answer. She did hear a noise on the other end which sounded as muffling. It sounded like the person had the phone to their chest. The person then hung up the phone and never mentioned Kimberly during the call.

The day after the phone call, Tammy was at school when someone came up to the fence which was common when Kimberly left. However, she noticed the person wasn’t someone that Kimberly normally hung out with or had relay her messages to her sister. Tammy described the man as wearing an old, 1970s studies leather jacket with a large collar and she recalls he might’ve been wearing cowboy boots as well. She noticed the man was looking at her through the fence and she assumed he had a message for her from Kimberly. But when she asked the man what he was doing, he said that he was doing nothing.

She then told him to go away but he did nothing and continued to stare at her. Tammy said that when recess concluded, she looked back at him and he was still standing there and looking at her. It’s unclear if the man and the phone call are linked to Kimberly’s disappearance but they were strange enough to be discussed in regards to the investigation. No sketch or drawing was ever made of this man and he hasn’t been positivity identified as of currently.

Investigators have received numerous leads and possible sightings of Kimberly over these years. In 1999, convicted serial killer, Michael Wayne McGray, confessed that he allegedly abducted and murdered Kimberly in 1985. He claimed he took her from the fair before murdering her and burying her remains on the Kingston Peninsula which was located between the St. John River and the Kennebecasis River. Some agencies state that authorities searched the area by digging but found nothing.

However, Jaymee Splude, whose been investigating Kimberly’s disappearance for quite a few years now states it’s unclear if police even dug in the area that McGray said she was buried in. According to Kimberly’s family, McGray drew a map that allegedly showed where he recalled burying her remains. It’s possible police dug in the area and stopped because they found “evidence” that McGray was in jail when Kimberly went missing or that they simply couldn’t find her and the dig was too costly. He wasn’t in jail when

Jaymee has attempted to contact McGray so she could corroborate that he indeed admitted to killing Kimberly but he didn’t wish to reply to her. She along with a psychologist who helped her to understand why he would refuse to reply believe that McGray likely heard about the disappearance when it first occurred and falsely admitted to her murder for the notoriety and attention that comes with it. Investigators have not publicly stated whether he’s a suspect in the case or not.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Saint John Police 506-648-3304

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