Kimberly Ann Moreau

Left and Center: Kimberly circa, 1986

Right: Age Progressed to age 50

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: May 10, 1986

Missing From: Jay, Franklin County, Maine

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

Date Of Birth: January 21, 1969

Age: 17 years old

Height and Weight: 5’7″ and 135 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian Female, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Kimberly has previously broken her arm and her ankle, she has a surgical scar on her back, her right ear is pierced 3 times on the right and 4 times on the left, her nickname is “Kim”

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white short sleeved blouse, blue jeans, white high-top sneakers, Kimberly was wearing her boyfriends ring that was engraved with “Mike 87” and his name “Mike Staples”, it was on chain that she wore around her neck

NCMEC Number: 603370

Details of Disappearance

Kimberly was last seen in Jay, Maine on May 10th 1986. She originally planned to attend her junior prom at Jay High School with her boyfriend, Mike Staples during that evening. However, the day prior to the prom, Kimberly and Mike got into an argument and she cancelled their date. During that same night and the next day, Kimberly was said to have hung out with various friends. On the evening of the prom, she and her friend, Rhonda Breton, headed into town. While in town, Kimberly and Rhonda encountered two 25 year old men, Darren Joudry and Brian Enman.

The two men were driving a late-model white Pontiac Trans Am with 10 day plates at the time they met up with the two girls. The car belonged to Darren at the time. During that day, things such as drinking and drugs were involved. At approximately 11:00 pm, after Darren left for work, the car pulled up in front of Kimberly’s home and she ran inside briefly where her older sister, Karen Dalot, and her husband, Bob, were watching TV. She told Karen that she was going out for a quick ride and would be back in an hour. She was observed getting back into the car with Enman and Breton before it drove away. She was never seen or heard from again.

Kimberly’s parents were tending bar at a function at the VFW hall which was across the street from their home. When they arrived home afterwards at 2:00 am, they checked on all of their daughters as it was something normal to do and they both noticed that she wasn’t home. Kimberly’s mother and father waited all night for their daughter to return home. They knew something was wrong and they attempted to file a missing persons report on her when she didn’t come home by 5:00 am. The police refused to take a report for her until two days after she went missing.

Investigators initially considered her as a runaway and there was little to no investigation done when she first went missing. The police did nothing to help and neglected the case for a long while. Kimberly was said to be very bored of her small town life in Jay and she had absolute aspirations of getting out of there when she grew up. During the summer of 1985, Kimberly briefly moved to Farmington where she worked at her job. She asked her parents for permission and they allowed her to do so.

Kimberly not only wanted to be close to her workplace but she also wanted to experience living a relatively independent life. She was said to have called home almost everyday and she agreed to return to her home in Jay so she could start the new school year at the high school. Kimberly is no longer believed to have run away. Four months after her disappearance, authorities reclassified her disappearance from a runaway to an endangered missing persons case. An investigation began at that point in time.

According to Kimberly’s family, as the new school year began, she didn’t seem to hang around with the same friends that she had been associated with for much of her childhood. She began drifting away from them and she started to frequently hang out with Rhonda. She was described as being possessive to Kimberly and she appeared to be pushing all of her original friends out of her life. Karen said she felt that Rhonda wanted Kimberly all to herself and appeared to isolate her from her other friends.

Kimberly and Rhonda kept in touch frequently throughout the days while in school. They would pass notes during class and they mainly talked about sitting in class and watching the clock. They would discuss plans they had after the dismissal bell rang. There were also mentions of partying in the notes and what went on at the parties, such as drugs and drinking. They also talked about the boys they were dating and the bumpy roads that existed in teenage relationships.

Her father stated that Kimberly’s behavior appeared to change as well at that point. He said she would come home from school and would appear to be mentally pondering something. She was also said to be slightly more quiet than she usually was. Kimberly was said to be very close to her boyfriend Mike. In April of 1986, he checked into a treatment facility and was not seen for days. She missed him dearly and wanted to go find him. Then they got into their fight which resulted in the cancellation of their prom plans.

After Kimberly’s disappearance and the continuing neglect of law enforcement to properly investigate her strange disappearance, her family took matters into their own hands. They looked through Kimberly’s purse and found several items that caused great concern for them. Among these item were a pill box that contained four small white pills, notes from Rhonda, and several other items that might’ve been important to the investigation. Her father brought the pills to the police for testing.

However, it’s quite possible these pills were nothing but a small, misleading clue in the case. Karen stated that the pills were a common thing at Jay High School that you could buy for quite a cheap price and was considered “speed.” It was something used by students on the daily. She stated it wasn’t like heroin or any of them hardcore drugs that are heightened in society today. Investigators never revealed what they found out about the pills and they were lost soon after they were given them.

Karen stated that after her sisters disappearance, she and Bob were driving around and managed to spot the white car that Kimberly was seen getting into on the night of her disappearance. They pulled up beside the car and rolled down the window. Karen asked Darren “Where is Kim?” He replied to her with “I don’t know no fucking Kim, who’s Kim?” He was reportedly apprehensive and kept giving them lip. However, after Karen and Bob explained that Kimberly was with him and Rhonda on the night she disappeared, he said “Oh was that her name?”

Karen noted that Darren appeared to be referring to Kimberly in the past tense as opposed to the present tense. He started the car after that and sped out of there and he didn’t appear to want anything more to do with this. She believes Darren referred to Kimberly in the past tense because he was well aware that something had indeed happened to her on the night she would forever vanish.

Darren worked at a paper mill in 1986 and was working the night that Kimberly went missing. He was not present in the car when she left her home and got into it. She did, however get into the car with both Brian Enman and Rhonda. When Enman was questioned regarding Kimberly’s disappearance, he did confirm that he was the one driving the car that very night and also gave some more background information about that night as well.

In his initial statements, Brian claimed that he dropped Rhonda off at her home near Kimberly’s home and then continued driving with her. He said that he and Kimberly stopped at a place in town known as “piss hill” and that they talked for a while. He then said that when the time came to bring Kimberly back to her house, he drove to the general area. Enman claimed that Kimberly, still deeply affected by the fight she had with her boyfriend, requested that she be dropped off a half a mile away from her home on Jewell Street. He said he dropped her off at some point between 1:15 am and 3:45 am and that Kimberly said she would walk the rest of the way home.

Kimberly’s father, Richard “Dick” Moreau, has stated that he doesn’t believe the story that his daughter asked to be dropped off. He noted that it was quite cold on the night that his daughter disappeared and also stated that she was afraid of the dark at the time. He said that Kimberly wouldn’t even walk home from a close neighbors house without being scared of the dark. He said that Kimberly would always request that a might be turned on outside and that one of her parents wait out on the porch for her to come home.

Investigators also don’t believe the story that Enman gave about Kimberly getting out of the car to walk back home. They searched areas that both Enman and Joudry were known to hang out in. Quarries and wells were searched as well as rivers and woods but none of them ever had an answer to what happened that night.

Investigators focused on one hangout spot, Meadowview, in particular. The spot was a frequent hangout place for both Enman and Joudry but Kimberly wasn’t too frequent of a visitor there. The area was searched various times without any trace being found. In 2004, investigators searched the vehicle that Kimberly was last seen in but by then, it had already gone through three owners and there wasn’t anything of value to be found in or on it. Investigators believe that something bad happened to Kimberly on the night of her disappearance and have named several suspects in the case.

In January of 1994, Authorities announced that they were looking into the possibility that Kimberly’s case could be connected to suspected child serial killer Lewis S. Lent (Jr.). Lent has been convicted of killing two children and the attempted abduction of another. He first came to the attention of authorities after he tried to abduct 12 year old Rebecca Savarese on January 7th 1994 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

The attack occurred during the morning hours when Lent tried to force her into a borrowed pickup truck at gunpoint. However, Rebecca pretended to be suddenly out of breath and having a seizure which temporarily fooled Lent. She ran from Lent who tried to grab her again but failed to do so. He did grab her backpack but she managed to get out of it and continue running away. Lent fled the scene after a man came to help Rebecca.

Lent was arrested soon afterwards. Authorities found the truck that he used in the botched kidnapping and found the loaded gun he used along with Rebecca’s school backpack. The trucks owner, who was blind, told authorities that he often loaned the vehicle to Lent. He was charged with kidnapping, larceny, assault with a dangerous weapon, as well as assault and battery. However, this would not be the only crime that Lent was known to have committed.

During a three day interrogation that followed his arrest for Rebecca’s attempted abduction, Lent confessed to the abductions and murders of two other children. Afterwards, Lent would become a possible suspect in various other missing persons cases and child homicides that occurred in the eastern United States region. Lent was convicted of Rebecca’s abduction in 1995.

One of Lents victims was James “Jimmy” Bernardo, who was 12 years old when he went missing on October 22nd 1990 from a Pittsfield, Massachusetts movie theater. Lent was known to work at this theater in 1990 but he wasn’t considered a suspect in the case until his confession came in 1994. Per the confession, Lent came across Jimmy outside of the theater and abducted him with the use of a hunting knife and death threats.

Lent admitted that he took Jimmy to his apartment and taped the boy to a bed. Lent cut the boys clothing off and sexually assaulted him. Jimmy was taken to New York and kept captive until the next morning when Lent murdered him by hanging. His intention was to kill the boy the entire time. Several weeks after Jimmy’s abduction, hunters found his nude body in Newfield, New York. His body was found very far from where he was taken but close to the childhood home of Lent.

Lent was charged with kidnapping and murder in relation to Jimmy’s case. He pled guilty to all charges in 1996 and was immediately sentenced to life in prison without parole. He was also sentenced to between 9 and 10 years on the charge that he abducted Jimmy and this sentence was to run concurrently with his life sentence.

Lent also confessed to being responsible for the 1993 disappearance of 12 year old Sara Anne Wood. She was last seen riding her bike up a hill on Hacadam Road along with supplies she had just picked up on August 18th 1993. She was heading for her family’s residence but she never made it there. Sara’s bike as well as the materials she was carrying were later found scattered off Hacadam Road. She was never seen or heard from again.

According to Lent, he was driving his van on back roads with the intent to find a child to molest and kill. He came across Sara riding her bike home. Lent used a hunting knife to force Sara into the van and then used tape to bind her hands together. He drove her fathers upstate into the Adirondack Mountains where he raped her and then proceeded to beat her to death with a heavy tree branch. Lent buried her body afterwards with tools he brought along for that purpose.

Although Lent drew up a map of the area where Sara’s remains were allegedly buried, police were unable to find the location despite dozens of searches afterwards. He later stated he would not reveal the true location of Sara’s body because there was another missing child buried nearby and he didn’t want the body being found. Lent was charged with killing Sara in 1996. He pleaded guilty to her murder in 1997 and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Lent was also named a possible suspect in the 1990 disappearance of Monique Santiago from Albany, New York. She was last seen on March 29th 1990 at approximately 8:00 am as she left for school. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since that time. Lent isn’t considered a likely suspect in Santiago’s case any longer since she didn’t fit his known victim description.

In 2013, Lent confessed that he abducted and murdered James “Jamie” Donald Lusher Jr. in Westfield, Massachusetts on November 6th 1992. He was last seen riding his bike to his grandmothers house. Lent admitted that he abducted the boy and murdered him. He also stated that he left Lusher’s body in Greenwater Pond in Becket, Massachusetts. Searches failed to uncover his remains and since Lent provided details about the murder, he will not be prosecuted.

Due to his extensive trips to visit family members in New York, he was investigated in several cases. He was also looked at for the case of Karen Wilson who went missing from Albany, New York on March 27th 1985 after leaving The Tanning Hut at approximately 7:20 pm. Lent was also investigated for the disappearance of Tammie Anne McCormick from Saratoga Springs, New York on April 29th 1986.

According to investigators, while Lent was admitting to the murders of Wood and Bernardo, he also admitted to attacking an unidentified child in Maine. He would not revoke the child’s identity or if the attack on the child was fatal or not. Kimberly was the only child to go missing in the state of Maine during Lent’s suspected killing spree. Investigators aren’t sure if he was referring to Kimberly or perhaps another child. He also didn’t specify if the child was from Maine or not.

Investigators don’t believe Lent was involved in many of the cases he was named as a possible suspect in and only conjecture links him to those cases. He remains incarcerated for the murders of Jimmy Bernardo and Sara Wood as well as the attempted kidnapping of Rebecca. He is no longer considered a likely suspect in Kimberly’s disappearance.

Richard has been searching for his long lost daughter ever since her disappearance in 1986. He began hanging posters up with her photograph on them around the general area during the months that followed Kimberly’s disappearance. He worked at an international paper company and one of his areas of work was the shipping department where the papers were shipped off. He would make missing posters and send them out with every truckload that left. The posters generated many leads and sightings from all over the country but none of them ever led to Kimberly.

There have been several local people known to Kimberly who are considered suspects. A man named Calvin Tidswell has been considered a possible suspect for many years. His family owned a farm in town and were well known and respected by the community. Despite this good image of his family, Calvin caused a lot of trouble in school but he always seemed to get out of it. Some of his former classmates recall how he had no fear of mouthing off to teachers and didn’t appear to face any consequences whatsoever.

Calvin has an extensive criminal record that dates back to the 1970s. In 1978, when Calvin was 18 years old, he was arrested for vehicle theft. He apparently stole a car and crashed it, there was another person in the vehicle with him who died as a result of the crash. Calvin was charged and plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter among other criminal charges and he spent approximately two years in a Maine State Prison. Calvin had earned his GED while in prison but he also befriended a lot of sketchy people who were said to be career criminals at the time.

After being released from prison, Calvin opened an arcade in the Livermore area called “The Dragons Den” and it was said to be a favorite lounge and hangout area for all the local teenagers, including Kimberly and her friends. Many of the teenagers whom he befriended at the arcade also became his little helpers with another venue of business he was interested in…. which was selling drugs. He began by simply selling pot/weed to neighborhood teenagers and he mostly avoided any possible trouble with the law for the next six years after that.

Calvin wasn’t arrested until after Kimberly’s 1986 disappearance for assaulting a police officer who was trying to break up a party he was attending. He was arrested again three years later in 1989 after he was busted for selling cocaine in an undercover operation. He was sentenced to twelve years in prison for that crime. In a 2004 article regarding ex-cons, he was quoted as saying “I’d rather starve than hustle drugs again.”

On the same day that paper was printed, Calvin was once again arrested for selling cocaine. He was initially sentenced to another 5 years in prison for violating the terms of his release. He then faced additional charges of aggravated trafficking in cocaine and faced additional years in prison. According to reports, Calvin was someone who was relatively close to the new group of friends that Kimberly began hanging out with, as a result he knew her quite well.

According to a witness, Kimberly attended a party on the night of her disappearance. Many people have been able to corroborate this version of events and revealed some details from that night which have caused great concern for Kimberly. While at the party, Kimberly’s interactions with Calvin were said to be explosive and the two appeared to argue most of the night. It’s possible things got physical in the altercation. Calvin denies this and has discredited the witnesses who came forward.

While Calvin was in prison in 1986, he apparently saw the coverage that Kimberly’s case was getting after she was formally listed as a missing person and decided to write to her family to “clear some things up.” He said that he and Kimberly had become very close friends prior to the night she vanished and they had a good relationship. He also stated that it was him who drove Kimberly to see her boyfriend at the treatment center when she missed him so badly.

He stated that the rumors were distracting to the current investigation and that he was very concerned for Kimberly’s well-being due to her being missing. On the night of her disappearance, Kimberly was wearing her boyfriends class ring as they had both swapped rings before her disappearance. In the weeks that proceeded Kimberly’s disappearance, Calvin ended up with her class ring. The story goes that Mike wanted to pawn the ring for some money but that Calvin ended up taking it in trade for a bottle of alcohol.

When Kimberly’s family found out that Calvin had her class ring, they wanted it back in their possession. While in prison, Calvin gave them precise instructions on where to locate the ring. He allegedly stored it in a cabinet at his mothers home for safe keeping. It’s unclear if the ring was ever found or not. Investigators believe that multiple people have knowledge of what happened to Kimberly on the night she went missing.

Rhonda Breton has given inconsistent stories in regards to Kimberly’s case. After her disappearance in 1986, Richard as well as Karen and Diane went to see Rhonda so they could speak with her. She apparently refused to talk to them and wanted nothing to do with it. She evidently tried to runaway from the questions that were had about her possible knowledge of Kimberly’s fate. After graduation, Rhonda moved to California and rarely visited Jay after that. Unfortunately for investigators and Kimberly’s family, whatever information Rhonda might’ve been hiding was taken to the grave with her. Rhonda passed away in 2009 following a tragic hit and run accident.

Mike Staples agreed to police interviews in regards to his ex-girlfriends mysterious disappearance and he appeared to be cooperative in the investigation. Richard has noted that Mike never bothered to call him and ask if they had found Kimberly yet and he didn’t appear to be too interested in finding her. He found it very odd. Richard and his two remaining daughters believe that the key to solving Kimberly’s disappearance lies with none other than Brian Enman, Calvin Tidswell, and Darren Joudry and likely other people. He has kept contact with the three men over the years in hopes that they may reveal what happened to his daughter.

He also contacted relatives of the men to see if he could uncover anything about Kimberly’s whereabouts. Several years after her disappearance, Richard managed to get Brian Enman over to his house for a conversation. He gave some more insight on what happens that night. He also revealed that he and Kimberly had consensual sex that night. He stressed this detail very strongly. Brian also went on a televised interview and told his story about that night and how he had sex with Kimberly. It’s been noted how odd it was for him to continually use the word “consensual.”

The family feels that Brian came forward with that bit of information because there were recent advancements in DNA testing. While there isn’t much proof of what happened to Kimberly on the night she went missing, her two sisters and father believe she was killed, probably just hours after she left her home. They believe her death was probably accidental and that the individuals that were with her that night disposed of her body to avoid any possible legal trouble. If her death was indeed accidental, the statute of limitations has expired and no criminal charges will come. Kimberly’s family has publicly stated that all they wish for is to locate her body so they can give her a formal burial.

In August of 2015, state police obtained a search warrant to examine property that was owned by Brian Enman at that time. The property in question was owned by someone else in 1986 but he later purchased. Police arrived at the property and spent four entire days searching the land with ground penetrating technology, backhoes, and cadaver dogs. They removed the skirting from around the mobile home on the property and the area was checked for possible anomalies. Cadaver dogs indicated several times that human remains were on the land adjacent to the property.

According to news reports, Brian was very unhappy with his property being looked at. He stated that he was very angry with the way he was being treated by the media and police and said they have no proof that he had anything to do with Kimberly’s disappearance and stated he didn’t know what happened to her that night. He said he would be even more angry if their searched turned up nothing interesting and said they were wasting their time by focusing on him so much. When asked if he thought anything would be found in the search, he replied “not that I know of.” The search turned up no clues.

Another search for Kimberly’s remains took place in June of 2019 when investigators decided to look in a place that had been part of the rumors and general stories about her case for decades. Investigators took ground penetrating technology to a concrete slab that was once the foundation of Charlie Prides Fruit Stand on Route 4 in Livermore. The slab was located on private property and the fruit stand was once part of Calvin Tidswell’s family farm. The slab was poured in the day after her disappearance.

For years, it was rumored that Kimberly’s body was buried underneath the concrete. With the ground penetrating technology, investigators could see an anomaly underneath the concrete which indicated something was indeed buried underneath. They had no idea what it was and felt it could be pertinent to solving the case. The landowners gave permission for the slab to be dug up and searched. Jack hammers were utilized in the search and then digging occurred. They dug a few feet under the ground but found nothing.

There were also tips that regarded little known gold mines that existed in Livermore. These two mine shafts in particular were abandoned decades before Kimberly’s disappearance but the 40 to 50 feet shafts still stood at the time. The shafts were apparently known by someone who is close to Kimberly’s disappearance. The two shafts were both 35 feet deep and 50 feet deep. They had land owner permission and they focused particularly on the 35 foot shaft. The shaft had a lot of debris, muck, and vertical trees and timber inside it. All of this was dugout and cleared so a search could actually occur.

The shaft was searched for 27 feet until 8 feet remained of the search. The search had to be called off due to cold weather that made the shafts icy as the search occurred in late October. If any state trooper fell, the likely outcome would’ve been death and they couldn’t risk that. They told the landowners that the search was called off and that they would be back in the spring to search the remaining 8 feet. But they would never get to do so because the landowners revoked their permission and refuse to let police search the shafts any longer.

To this very day, investigators still don’t know what’s in that 8 feet and it’s unclear if it could contain the remains of Kimberly Moreau. Investigators also searched a private property in May of 2021 after receiving a tip that appeared to be credible. They gained permission from the property owners and they searched hoping to find evidence in relation to the case. However, this most recent search turned up no clues in the case.

At the time of her disappearance, Kimberly was said to be close to her two older sisters and had a good relationship with her family in 1986. She was described as being neat and proper at the time and always ensured her appearance was perfect. She was said to spend a long time making sure that she looked her best. She was very outgoing and a social butterfly. She was a part of the cheerleading squad at the time. Kimberly hoped to become a professional model after she graduated high school.

Kimberly’s mother struggled with cancer at the time of her disappearance and she sadly passed away two years after her daughter went missing in 1988. Richard promised his now deceased wife that he would never give up the search for his long missing daughter. He goes out annually every year and puts up posters of Kimberly in hopes that it will lead to her case getting solved. He lives near the home that he shared with Kimberly in 1986.

Due to lack of evidence, Kimberly’s case is classified as a non family abduction. Her disappearance remains unsolved and foul play is suspected. She was declared legally dead in 1993. There is currently a $17,500 reward for information that could lead to the recovery of Kimberly or the location of her remains.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Maine State Police 207-743-8282

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