Anthonette Christine Cayedito

Left and Center: Anthonette circa, 1986

Right: Age Progressed to age 42

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: April 6, 1986

Missing From: Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

Date Of Birth: December 25, 1976

Age: 9 years old

Height and Weight: 4’7″ and 55 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Biracial Female; Anthonette is American Indian and Caucasian, Brown hair, Brown eyes, Anthonette has dark colored moles on various parts of her body such as her nose, right cheek, back and one of her ankles, she has scars on one of her knees and on her lip, her ears are pierced, Anthonette is of Navajo and Italian descent

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A knee length pink night dress

NCMEC Number: 600709

Details of Disappearance

Anthonette was allegedly abducted from her home in Gallup, New Mexico on April 6th 1986. Her residence is located in the 200 block of Arnold Street off Route 66. Her sister told authorities that two unknown men came and knocked on the front door, Anthonette answered it and one man claimed to be their uncle. Her sister fell back asleep. The men grabbed Anthonette and forced her into a car and drove off.

One of Cayedito’s neighbors reported seeing an older model brown truck with New Mexico License plates in front of the residence between 6:30 am and 7:00 am on the morning of Anthonette’s abduction.

Anthonette was discovered missing by her mother at 7:00 am. Her mother was asleep the night of her disappearance and apparently didn’t hear the knock or Anthonette answering to this man. Her mother searched the neighborhood until 11:00 am and reported her daughter missing. Authorities stated she had to wait 8 hours before actually reporting her disappearance. Her uncle was questioned but he is not suspected of kidnapping Anthonette.

In the years after she vanished, there have been multiple sightings and traces of Cayedito. A year after her disappearance, the Gallup Police Department received a call from a young girl who claimed she was Anthonette and that she was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Before authorities could trace the call, a man was heard in the background saying “Who said you could use the phone?” Sounds of screams and scuffles were heard before the line went dead.

Her mother believes that it was in fact Anthonette calling. The phone call has not been confirmed as coming from Cayedito. The call lasted approximately 40 seconds.

Another sighting occurred in 1990, a waitress who worked in a restaurant in Nevada stated that she thought she saw Anthonette in the company on an “unkempt” couple. The girl was in her early teens. The girl kept dropping her fork and whenever the waitress came to get it, the girl would grasp her hand tightly. After the trio left, someone found a note under the girls plate that said “Help Me! Call Police”. This sighting has not been confirmed and it is unknown if this girl is truly Anthonette.

At the time of her kidnapping, Anthonette was a fourth grader and attended Lincoln Elementary School. She was described as mature and responsible for her young age.

Anthonette’s abduction remains unsolved. Authorities suspect that foul play was involved and that Anthonette is deceased.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Gallup Police Department


Source Information

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The Charley Project

The Doe Network


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