Photograph credits: NCMEC

-The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has the photograph of the child before they vanished and an age progressed image of what they would possibly look like today. All photographs posted on RCCCMCC are from the NCMEC website but some may come from the Charley Project when the child does not have a poster on NCMEC

Circumstances/Classifications: The Charley Project (owned and operated by Meaghan Good) and For The Lost (owned and operated by Annie Keller)

The Charley Project and FOR THE LOST have the most up to date details on cases and have the most up to date case classifications for cases. RCCCMCC uses Charley as a main source for information and considers For the lost as a reference for classifications and details on a case

Vital Statistics/Distinguishing Characteristics: The Charley Project and The Doe Network have the distinctive characteristics of a missing person listed on their case files. Features such as scars and marks or medical conditions on the missing person are explained in detail so that these can be used to possibly identify the person in the future