Geographical index

The geographical index features the cases of missing children featured on this website in a list by state order.

State of Alabama

Daniel Barter

State of Alaska

Scott Curtis Fandel

Amy Lee Fandel

State of Arizona

Richard Gorham

State of Arkansas

State of California

Kevin Andrew McCarthy Collins

Michael Ray Askren

William Charles Cordes

Ramona Lisa Beal

Andreas Chester Cantrell

April Ann Cooper

Susan Robin Bender

Sir-Kristopher Clayton Marshall

State of Colorado

Christopher Enoch Abeyta

State of Connecticut

Jovonna Stacey Crawford

State of Delaware

State of Florida

Amy Billig

Barry Michael Brown

Brandon Mitchell Brown

Sheketah Michele Brown

Paul Allen Allard

Keith Dean Fleming

Angela Loraine Westberry

Martha Jean Lambert

Jason Edward Thornton Townsend

Marjorie Christina Luna

State of Georgia


State of Idaho

Richard Ray Barnett

State of Illinois